T Rex Tape Ferociously

Strong Clear Repair Tape, 48mm x 8.2m easy to tear by hand and it sticks to wet surfaces in all weather and is UV resistant

£7.34 (£6.74 / 100 g)
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MECO ELEVERDE High-Pressure Electric

Air Duster Blower Compressed Air Computer Cleaner Air Pump Air Spray for Cleaning Dust, Crumbs, Laptop, Tower Fans, Printer, Replaces Compressed Air Cans

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T-Rex Clear 820-48 Adhesive

Tape, Transparent Weatherproof Tape for Invisible Fixing/Repairing, 8.2 m x 48 mm

631 reviews
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Adult Swimming Pool Thickening

And Folding PVC Inflatable Paddling Pool Inflatable Pool Family Fun Lounge Pool Portable Household Rectangle Outdoor Large Children's With Cup Holder,backrest Pillow

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3pcs Inflatable Boat Repair

PVC Repair Patches with Gule Set Kit for Inflatabel Raft Swimming Pool Toy

2 reviews
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6PCS PVC Patch Glue

Repair Kit, Waterproof Adhesive Sheet Glue Repair Set for Kayaking Swimming Pool Toy

8 reviews
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tesa extra Power Perfect

Cloth Tape - Fabric-Reinforced Repairing Tape for Crafting, Repairing, Fastening, Reinforcing and Labelling - Yellow - 2.75 m x 38 mm

943 reviews
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Tear-Aid type b repair

patches, for all PVC types, water beds, tarpaulin, tents, dinghies, paddling pools, bouncy castles, camping equipment, etc

109 reviews
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Large Shallow Red Flexible

Strong TubTrugs® Storage Bucket Baskets (ALL COLOURS AND SIZES) & Tigerbox® Antibacterial Pen

164 reviews
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